The Krampus Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make the Krampus Costume

Krampus Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Hairy Beast Bottoms Wear this furry bottoms as a base for your costume.
2 Faux Leather Fabric To keep the Krampus’ modesty intact, wear faux leather fabric around your waist. You can also use this as an arm guard as well as a shoulder pad.
3 Mask Wear a creepy Krampus mask to scare children into behaving.
4 White Body Paint Use the white body paint to cover all your exposed body parts.
5 White Spray Paint Use the spray paint to make your fabric, mask, and furry bottoms white as well for a more seamless look.
6 Fake Chain Links Tie fake chains around your waist like a belt, and hold some as a sort of weapon.
7 Costume Set You can also just buy this costume set for an easier time.
8 Scary hands You can paint your hands and attach fake nails instead of wearing these

Everybody knows Santa but do you know about the Christmas Demon? Think about it. If Santa gives gifts to nice children, then someone has to take care of the naughty ones, right? Krampus has got you covered!

This Christmas demon snatches naughty children and prepares a unique punishment for them. If we were you, we’d never lose our holiday spirit lest the Krampus decides to visit.

The Krampus doesn’t need to sound terrifying because its looks alone can make you tremble from head to foot. He is a hairy creature that stands on his two hooved hind legs.

He also has very deadly and long horns sprouting from his head. The Krampus also has very wolfish facial features as well. Here’s everything you need to look like the Krampus.

About the Krampus

Krampus was portrayed by two actors: Luke Hawker for his physical appearance and Gideon Emery for his voice.

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