Bride of Frankenstein's Monster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster Costume

Frankenstein's Bride Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dress, white, swing This large white swing dress that the Bride of Frankenstein wears is very similar to a hospital gown and helps give her a very eerie but elegant look.
2 Wig, black and white This wig is in the classic Bride of Frankenstein style with the white stripes running down the sides of the voluminous black body of the wig.
3 Heels, white A classic pair of white heels is all you need for the shoe to go with this look. It’s all about simplicity.
4 Bandages, white You will want to wrap these bandages up and down your arms to give the look of long sleeves almost, Frankenstein’s bride has this done to her as well.
5 Paint, body, green Due to Frankenstein being portrayed with green skin, sometimes his bride is matching. Use this body paint to get a green effect to your skin.
6 Makeup, costume With this costume makeup, you are going to want to draw on the Bride’s stiches all over her body, her dark eye makeup, as well as her dark lips.
7 Full Costume Full costume set.

The Bride’s costume is a very simple and elegant look that gives her an air of grace, despite being undead. Her iconic white gown is meant to have the look of bandages or the white sheet from the operating table, but in fact gives her a glorious appearance.

She has bandages wrapped mostly around her arms, and stitches and bruises drawn all over her body to help give her the look of being freshly brought back to life. A Bride of Frankenstein costume is not hard at all, and it with just a few items you can look as fabulous and creepy as her.

Bride of Frankenstein Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Follow this Bride of Frankenstein makeup tutorial to nail her makeup look and to get precise looking stiches for a great costume.

About the Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein is a 1935 classic film that was the sequel to the original Frankenstein movie. In the movie, the Monster threatens Henry Frankenstein into creating him a mate due to him being lonely as the only undead person of his kind. In the events that follow, the Bride is created and played in the movie by Elsa Lanchester.