Miss Voorhees Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Miss Voorhees’ Costume

Do you want to recreate this look? Checkout our item list down below!

Miss Voorhees Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Dress With Short Sleeves Wear a black short-sleeved dress.
2 Black Net Stockings Put on a pair of black net stockings and cut them with scissor to create holes.
3 Black Leather Boots Match the outfit with a pair of black leather boots.
4 Bloody Machete Toy Wield a bloody machete toy as a weapon.
5 Jason’s Sticker Put on a Jason’s mask sticker on your dress.
6 Jason’s Mask Carry the Jason’s mask on the other hand.
7 Fake Blood Put some fake blood on your body, face, and clothes.
8 Full Costume If you don’t have time to gather all the stuff, get this full outfit here.

This article gives you a popular re-imagined version of this character. Miss Voorhees wears a black dress with Jason’s mask on it, ripped black net stockings, and long black boots. She carries a bloody machete and Jason’s mask as props. We could also add fake blood on her skin and clothes to create that murderer’s look.

About Miss Voorhees

Pamela Voorhees is a character in the Friday the 13th franchise. She is a vengeful mother of Jason Voorhees, the antagonist of the franchise. Although Jason has always been the main villain, miss Voorhees is also a crazy murderer herself.

She became a cook at Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason was teased and drowned by other children. Then Miss Voorhees started to hear his voice telling her to kill those who are responsible for his death. She did just that. Miss Voorhees then continued to live at the camp even after it was closed down and kills many more people to come.