Tricky the Clown (Madness Combat) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tricky the Clown Costume

Tricky the Clown Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dark Grey Robe Start off your Tricky the Clown outfit with a simple dark grey robe.
2 Navy Boots Go for a simple pair of navy boots.
3 Red Clown Wig Look like a traditional clown with this red clown wig.
4 Green Face & Body Paint Get Tricky’s zombified look by painting yourself a vivid green.
5 Zombie Teeth Look extra vicious with fake zombie teeth.
6 Navy Neck Warmer Accessorize with this blue neck warmer.
7 Light Grey Craft Balls Add little pom-poms to your neck warmer for a fun, clown-like effect.
8 Microphone Prop Don’t forget to bring along Tricky’s microphone.

Tricky the Clown is an antagonist in the Madness Combat series. He is a zombified version of a killer clown who has been killed 13 times. Because of his use of the Improbability Drive, Tricky’s mind became warped, making him a dangerous enemy who is power-hungry and vicious.

Tricky the Clown isn’t here to have fun but to terrorize everyone. He wears a dark grey robe, blue boots, a blue neck warmer with grey pom-poms, and a crazy red wig.

About Tricky the Clown

Tricky the Clown is one of a few characters to visibly have hair and a mouth. It is unknown how Tricky got his current zombie look though it is believed to be an error on the creator’s side.

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