Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Sweet Tooth costume

Sweet Tooth Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Pants Wear this pair of white pants a base for your Sweet Tooth costume.
2 Red Fabric Cut out circles from this red fabric and use a fabric glue to stick it on your pants.
3 Brown Boots Sweet Tooth wears a mean-looking pair of brown boots.
4 Brown Gloves Add little details to your costume by wearing a pair of brown gloves.
5 Brown Leather Belt Use these brown leather straps to make Sweet Tooth’s harness and belt.
6 Bloody Machete Sweet Tooth loves to kill so a bloody machete is essential to your costume. A simpler alternative
7 Mask A Sweet Tooth costume cannot be complete without his iconic mask.
8 Flame Wig Instead of setting your head on fire, you can opt for a flame wig.

Sweet Tooth is actually the name of the modified ice cream truck that Marcus ‘Needles’ Kane enters in the Twisted Metal competition. But he also took on the name after a while.

In the original storyline, Sweet Tooth is a mentally ill patient who escaped and joined the competition to get his paper bag friend back. Gradually, he became a psychotic serial killer intent on causing as much death and mayhem he possibly could.

Sweet Tooth looks like a clown gone mad. He wears a clown mask with a terrifying grin, a pair of white pants with red polka dots, and combat boots. He also has flames coming out of his head. Here’s everything you need to look like Sweet Tooth.

About Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth was voiced by actor J.S. Gilbert for the Twisted Metal franchise.

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