Postal Dude Costume from Postal 2 for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Postal Dude’s Costume from Postal 2

Postal Dude Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Wig Wear a ginger-colored wig.
2 Goatee Match a fake goatee to the wig.
3 Sunglasses Keep the costume cool with a pair of rectangle sunglasses.
4 Alien Shirt Then, add an alien-print shirt to the costume.
5 Trench Coat Wear a trench coat over the shirt.
5 Denim Pants Keep the costume functional with a pair of denim pants.
6 Work Boots Nail the costume with a pair of industrial shoes, too.

Postal Dude’s costume can be recreated by wearing a ginger wig and goatee combo. Then, get a shirt with alien print on it and wear it with denim pants. Top it all off with a trenchoat, sunglasses, and industrial boots.

About Postal Dude

Postal Dude is a character from the game series Postal 2. In this game, the player takes on the character of Postal Dude who lives in a dismal caravan in a town called Paradise. He has a wife called Arizona. In the game, Postal Dude has to finish tasks every week. The player can choose how to accomplish these tasks (peacefully or violently).

The Postal Dude’s real name is never revealed, and he is intentionally portrayed as an everyday man with little distinguishing characteristics other than his trademark Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. He lives in a fictional town called Paradise, which becomes the setting for much of the chaos and mayhem that occurs in the game.

In terms of personality, the Postal Dude can be described as cynical, disgruntled, and prone to violence. He is often pushed to his limits by various annoyances in his life, such as annoying neighbors, bureaucratic hurdles, or being fired from his job. These frustrations contribute to his descent into madness and subsequent violent outbursts.

Throughout the game series, players assume control of the Postal Dude as he carries out a variety of tasks ranging from mundane errands to more sinister acts of aggression. The gameplay offers players a choice between playing peacefully or engaging in wanton violence, allowing them to engage with their surroundings however they see fit.

While some players view the Postal Dude solely as an unhinged character engaging in gratuitous violence for shock value, others argue that his character serves as a commentary on societal frustrations and individual resilience. The games aim to critique various aspects of modern society by providing exaggerated scenarios where players can vent their frustrations through gameplay.

Despite its controversy and provocative nature, the character of the Postal Dude has become somewhat iconic within gaming culture. His image and catchphrases have become synonymous with edgy humor and satirical criticism aimed at societal norms.

The portrayal of the Postal Dude embodies a subversive approach to storytelling and gameplay within video games. He highlights societal issues while allowing players to act out on their frustrations in exaggerated virtual environments.

In conclusion, the Postal Dude is a complex and divisive character in the world of video games. By embodying an anti-hero who acts as a vessel for societal frustrations, he challenges players to question their own boundaries while providing commentary on contemporary society. Whether one sees him as a disturbing figure or an intriguing embodiment of rebellion largely depends on individual perspectives and interpretations.