Zoltar's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Zoltar’s Costume

Zoltar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Shirt Start the costume with a yellow shirt.
2 Vest Add a navy blue vest.
3 Sash You can also add a sash wrapped around the waist.
4 Pants Get your choice of black pants.
5 Mustache Cut pieces of these fake mustache to the shape of Zoltar’s facial hair.
6 Beard Get a fake beard, too.
7 Turban Secure a golden turban.
8 orange Feather Stick orange feathers at the center.
9 Brooch Pin Complete the head piece with a rhinestone pin.

To look great in a Zoltar costume, start with a yellow shirt, add a navy blue vest and a sash, then choose black pants and fake facial hair. Secure a golden turban and an orange feather, and complete the headpiece with a rhinestone brooch pin.

About Zoltar

Zoltar is a famous animatronic fortune teller found in various places like arcades, theme parks, and gift shops, offering a fun and engaging experience for users. A fortune-telling machine character called Zoltar also appears in the movie Big. The machine actually makes wishes come true as the characters in the film experience it.