Artemis (Hooded Huntress) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Artemis’s Costume

Artemis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Short Toga Get a short toga to wear.
2 Nude Stockings Smoothen your legs with a pair of stockings.
3 Headband Make her a goddess she is by wearing a golden or green olive branch crown.
4 Sandals Look for gladiator/roman style sandals to wear. Golden color is preferred.
5 Waist Belt Complete the outfit with golden waist belt
6 Bow and Arrow Prop Equip yourself with a bow and arrow prop.

Representing the hunter, Artemis’ clothes have to be practical and flexible, yet still speaks of her divine status. She wears a greek styled white toga, golden headband, waist belt, sandals. She also equips a bow and arrow as props. Like what you see and want to create the look? Checkout our list down below!

About Artemis

Artemis is a goddess in the ancient Greek mythology, one of the Twelve Olympians who resigns on the Mount Olympus. According to her origin story, Artemis is born of Zeus and Leto. Also, she’s the twin sister of Apollo, a god of music and healing. However, they share very little interests for Artemis is known as a goddess of hunting and forests, as well as archery. Homer often refers to her as “The Mistress of Animals” or “She of the Wild.”