Athena Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Athena’s Costume

Athena Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long White Dress Get a plain white Toga to wear.
2 Chest Plate Armour Top your toga with a chest plate armor costume for women.
3 Gantlets Look for a pair of gantlets to wear.
4 Shoulder Cover Put on a cover on one of your shoulder.
5 Golden Belt Fasten a golden belt around your mid waist.
6 Leg Guards Put the guards onto both of your legs.
7 Roman Helmet Get a Roman styled warrior helmet to wear.
8 Black Sandals Get black flip-flops to match the outfit.
9 Spear Prop Equip a spear as a prop.
10 Shield Prop Pair up you spear with a shield prop.
11 Owl Prop This is optional in case you don’t wish to carry a spear nor shield.

Being known as a goddess of war and wisdom, Athena wears a long white dress, a chest plate, gantlets, a shoulder cover, a belt, leg guards, a Roman warrior helmet, and sandals.

She should also have a spear, a shield, and an owl as a prop since all these are her symbols. If you’d like to recreate this look, grab the items down below in your shopping bag!

About Athena

Athena, or Pallas Athena, is a Greek goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare, and inspiration. In Roman, she’s called Minerva. To her origin, there’s one well known story to be told.

One day, Zeus has a terrible headache and it turns out to be Athena coming out of it, wearing full armor. So many believe that Athena is born of Zeus wisdom itself since she has no mother.

The other story is more gruesome, it involves Zeus consuming a goddess who’s pregnant with his child for he fears the prophecy saying that the child will be more powerful than him. Alas, Athena made it out of her father’s head anyway.