Egyptian Goddess Isis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Egyptian Isis Goddess’ Costume

Isis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Silver-Scale Dress Wear a red dress with glittering pattern.
2 Golden Armbands Get a pair of armbands to wear.
3 Golden Bracelets Match the armbands with gold bracelets.
4 Egyptian Necklace Look for an Egyptian styled necklace that you like to wear.
5 Black Medium Length Wig with Bangs Look for a black wig with bangs, which is an Egyptian woman’s hairstyle, to wear.
6 Golden Belt Get a golden belt to wear around the mid waist.
7 Golden High Boots Match the outfit with golden shoes.
8 Egyptian Headpiece Tell people that you’re an Egyptian goddess by wearing an Egyptian headpiece.
9 Golden Staff Carry an Egyptian looking staff in gold color.
10 Gold Wings This is optional, attach wings onto your back.
11 Full costume If you are in a hurry, go for ready made costume

Isis wears a scale dress, wings, golden bracelets, golden armbands, a golden necklace, a golden belt, golden shoes, and a sun-disk headpiece.

She also has a golden scepter as a prop. If you find this outfit perfect for you, check our items list down below to see what you need to make this magical costume happens!

About Egyptian Goddess (Isis)

Like the deities of the Greek, Egyptian has many gods and goddesses. In this article we’re talking about a well-known Egyptian goddess called “Isis.”

She’s a goddess in an ancient Egyptian religion. As in the myth, Isis is one of the majors character in the Osiris myth. Her ability is to bring back people from the death, like she did to her slain brother Osiris.

Also, she has power of healing, protection, and magic. Despite being powerful, she’s a model of love and caring, reflecting the maternal instinct. This makes her protective of her child with Osiris, Horus.