Candy Corn Witch Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Candy Corn Witch’s Costume

You can get the pieces for your next Candy Corn Witch look here:

Candy Corn Witch Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Off-shoulder Get this cropped white top.
2 Corset Layer a corset under the white shirt.
3 Black Skirt Wear this black skirt.
4 Orange Skirt Then wear an orange skirt underneath the black one.
5 Striped Socks For your socks, wear this thigh-high striped one.
6 Black Shoes You can also get this pair of shoes.
7 Candy Corn Headband Rock the candy corn look with this head band.
8 Witch’s Broom Carry this witch’s broom as part of the costume.
9 Costume Set For a complete set, you can also opt for this candy corn witch set costume.

Candy Corn is one of the most popular Halloween candies! It also gives inspiration to one of the season’s most popular costume inspirations, the witch. To rock this look, be sure to wear a white off-shoulder top with a black corset. Layer a black and orange pleated skirt to complete the candy corn look. Them cop a pair of orange striped socks with a candy corn witch’s hat to complete the costume. Carry a witch broom too!

About Candy Corn Witch

Candy Corn is a popular candy found in the USA. It is usually given out on Halloween to Trick or Treaters. It is typically made of sugar, corn syrup, salt, dextrose, sesame oil, honey, artificial flavors, and more! it is best know for its cone pyramid shape and orange-yellow color!