Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Ted Mosby costume

Ted Mosby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Button-up shirt white or light blue. Ted’s button-up shirt which he wears under the pullover definitely gives off professor and intelligent vibes. Such a shirt is very easy to acquire, and might actually be in your closet right now.
2 Pull over sweater, neutral color. A beige, black, or navy blue pull over is perfect for this look. Ted is usually seen in those colors as well.
3 Jeans, blue, regular fit. These jeans are what Ted usually wears and bring out the nerdy college guy vibes instead of giving him a stern office look, which is what would happen if he wore slacks.
4 Shoes, oxfords or sneakers, brown. Oxfords can be worn if you choose brighter colors with the rest of your outfit. A navy pullover and a light blue button-up shirt can dress down the oxfords and make them look more casual. If your outfit is more neutral, brown sneakers are the way to go. Ted wears either style.
5 Blazer, brown corduroy or plain black. A corduroy blazer is truly a Ted item of clothing. You can also wear black if you aren’t feeling so adventurous or feel it would be paired better with the rest of your outfit.

To finish off this look, as some hair gel to your hair and give it a spiked look on the front.

Ted’s style is very much true to his persona. He dresses like your typical geeky architecture professor, though he definitely managed to pull it off in his own way. The regular Ted Mosby outfit would be a button up shirt with a pullover sweater over the top, a pair of regular blue jeans, and a pair of work shoes that can either be dressed up sneakers or dressed down oxfords.

He is also seen often wearing a blazer over the whole look, which is most commonly either a brown corduroy or regular black blazer. Here’s what you will need to fashion your own Ted Mosby costume.

Ted Mosby is a great character to base a costume or cosplay off of. His wardrobe can easily be made to fit both men or women, and most items that are needed for this look are probably already in your closet!

About Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, is one of the most prominent main characters from the well-loved TV show, “How I Met Your Mother”. He is one part of the five gang group whom the plot of the show is mostly centered around. Ted is a very nerdy, caring guy and acts as sort of the “dad” of his friend group.

He is a very romantic and sensitive guy as well, which gets him into a lot of relationship trouble. That includes being left at the altar. He is a very intelligent character and throughout the “How I Met Your Mother” series goes from being a freshly graduated architect to a professor.