Ted Mosby's Hanging Chad Costume (How I Met Your Mother) for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Hanging Chad Costume

Hanging Chad Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Large white poster board The poster board makes up the entirety of this costume. It is the base for this look and important to the whole look.
2 Black marker With black marker you will have to draw on the board the chad details to make the board look like an extra huge chad. The drawing part is quite easy and will only take a few minutes to finish well.
3 Scissors With the scissors, you will cut out one of the ballot holes you have drawn on the poster board and leave it hanging to make it a “hanging chad”. Also cut out a small hole at the top to later pull your string through so that it will hand around your neck.
4 String, white Use the white string to hand the chad around your neck. Pull it through the whole you cut earlier on, and the costume is complete.
5 Brown suit jacket, corduroy Ted wears his legendary corduroy suit jacket as a part of this costume.
6 T-shirt, navy blue The t-shirt goes under the jacket for a disheveled, layered look.
7 Button-up shirt, gray striped After the navy t-shirt, layer the button-up shirt, and then add the jacket over the top for the base to your hanging chad costume.
8 Jeans, regular blue For your bottom half, regular blue jeans are the way to go. They are really easy and also what Ted himself favors.
9 Oxfords, simple black To wrap up your costume, add simple black oxfords for your shoes.

A hanging chad is a really simple and easy costume to make yourself if you are short of time to prepare a costume. This costume was featured on the show How I Met Your Mother and is a very iconic costume pertaining to the show. To make a hanging chad costume yourself all you will need is a large poster board, a black marker, scissors, and some string.

About the Hanging Chad

What is a hanging chad?

A chad is basically a voting ballot with holes to be chosen and punched in. The hanging part describes when a hole has been punched in, but the paper is still hanging there, and the vote cannot be counted. Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor is seen wearing this costume during a Halloween party episode on the How I Met Your Mother television series. This is a very funny costume and will cause great hilarity to those at any party you attend. It also makes for a great costume is you have little to no time to prepare a costume, because putting this outfit together is very quick and easy to do.