Astrid (How To Train Your Dragon) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Astrid Costume

Astrid Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Tank Top Start off your Astrid costume with a red tank top.
2 Brown Roman Skirt A brown Roman skirt is a good base for Astrid’s skirt.
3 Navy Blue Tights Keep your legs warm in a pair of navy blue tights.
4 Brown Winter Boots Gear up for the cold weather in a pair of brown winter boots.
5 Leather Shoulder Harness Use a leather shoulder harness as a part of Astrid’s shoulder armor.
6 Shoulder Pads Use shoulder pads painted in metallic silver for Astrid’s shoulder armor.
7 Brown Fur Fabric Use brown fur fabric for Astrid’s arm bands.
8 Brown Leather Ribbon Tie brown leather strips around Astrid’s arm bands, arms, and hair.
9 Faux Fur Scarf Wear this fur scarf backwards as Astrid’s cape.
10 Braided Blonde Wig Get Astrid’s cool Viking hairstyle with this wig.
11 Kids’ Costume Set Transform your little girl into a fierce dragon rider with this costume set.

If there was one person in the entire clan that was made to be the chief or the chief’s wife, it’s Astrid. She is very dutiful, hardworking, smart, and difficult to impress. Not easy to approach and befriend when she was younger, Astrid became one of Hiccup’s most loyal and compassionate friends.

Just like most of the other people in their village, Astrid wears a mix of leather, metal, and fur. Her Viking attire allows her to move freely and still be protected against the elements and enemies.

About Astrid

Astrid was voiced by America Ferrera for the How to Train your Dragon franchise. Ferrera is also known for her roles in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, Ugly Betty, Christine, and Our Family Wedding.

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