Eddie Kaspbrak (It) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Eddie Kaspbrak Costume

Eddie Kraspbak Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Polo Shirt Eddie is a little bit preppy so a pink polo shirt is a good look on him.
2 Red Running Shorts But, it doesn’t change the fact that Eddie’s a nerd, so pair it up with red running shorts.
3 Red Sneakers A pair of red sneakers is good when you need to run away from a crazy monster clown. Don’t forget to wear a pair of white crew socks.
4 Black Fanny Pack Eddie needs to have his inhaler and medicines on hand, and a black fanny pack does the job well.
5 Fake Arm Cast Wear a fake arm cast with ‘LOSVER’ written on it.
6 Red Balloons Bring along red balloons as a tribute to Pennywise the clown.

Some might say that Eddie Kaspbrak might well be the first official member of the Losers Club. Well, he’s definitely an interesting character to follow at least. Eddie is one of the shortest members of the gang and he is most known for being a germophobe. He’s afraid of getting dirty and always has medicines with him.

There were so many nice outfits that Eddie wore that it can be a bit hard to pick just one. So why not combine all of them? Wear a pink polo shirt, red running shorts, red sneakers, a fanny pack, an arm cast, and red balloons. Here’s everything you need to look like Eddie Kaspbrak.

About Eddie Kaspbrak

Eddie Kaspbrak is one of the main characters in Stephen King’s It so it’s not surprising that he’s in all film adaptations. He was most recently played by Jack Dylan Grazer in the latest 2017 adaptation.

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