Clown Pennywise Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Pennywise Costume

Pennywise Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pennywise Costume A ready-to-wear costume of Pennywise
2 Pennywise Wig An orange-ish clown wig (Pennywise style)
3 Pennywise Boots An accurate pair of boots to match with an outfit
4 White Facial Paint To recreate the clown’s skin
5 Red Facial Paint Draw a creepy smiling lips
6 Red Balloons A floating red balloon is Pennywise’s signature
7 Rubies Pennywise Make-Up Kit A complete makeup kit for Pennywise look
8 Evil Teeth Dental Veneer The scary teeth of Pennywise

Here are three suggestions to make your Pennywise costume even more realistic: first, you have to make sure you fill the balloons with helium to make them float; second, you must try to replicate Bill Skarsgård’s smile; and lastly, don’t ever forget to say “you’ll float too!

It’s Time to be the Most Infamous Killer Clown Pennywise

In this version, Pennywise with bright auburn colored hair dressed in a white and red Victorian clown costume. It also wears a creepy white makeup and a disgusting red lipstick drawn as a smile like the traditional clown we’re similar with (but much worse).

Moreover Bill Skarsgård, the actor who played Pennywise in 2017 version added his weird talent of doing a really disturbing smile to the character making it looks even more sickening and frightening. So if you can replicate Bill’s smile, you might be able to pull off the best and realistic look of 2017’s Pennywise.

About Pennywise from Stephen King’s It

Stephen King, a today’s king of horror fiction, has written many books with greatest, yet haunting supernatural characters since 1970s. And many of his fictions had been adapted and brought to life on both television and cinema screen making his name widely known to the mass.

One of his famous fictions was ‘It’, a story of an evil clown from hell named ‘Pennywise’ who preys on kids and young people’s lives. ‘It’ was introduced to the world of motion picture as a mini-series in 1990s and became one of the most terrifying shows of the decade.

Then in 2017, ‘It’ made a beautiful and famous comeback not on television but a silver screen making the story a world-wide phenomenon. Though we have two live-versions of Pennywise, we pick the 2017 one to replicate, not just because it looks terrifying and haunting like never before, but also it is the look that people recognize the most nowadays.