Jake from State Farm Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Jake from State Farm costume

Jake from State Farm Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Polo Shirt Like all regular employees in the insurance company, State Farm, Jake wears a red polo shirt.
2 Regular-Fit Khaki Pants Jake completes his uniform by wearing a comfy pair of khaki pants.
3 Black Sneakers Jake is like any other ordinary guy and prefers comfy sneakers. His is in black.
4 Black Leather Belt To keep his pants securely in place, Jake wears a black leather belt around his waist.
5 Black Telephone Bring with you a phone as that’s what catapulted Jake to fame.
6 Name Tag If you’re going to a party, it might be a good idea to stick on a “HI! I’m Jake” name tag on your shirt as well

There are so many advertisements aired in TV and the radio the whole year-round every year. Most of those ads will become forgotten and obsolete in a span of a few months (even weeks!). Jake from State Farm, though, still lives on in our memories.

Jake from State Farm looks like a regular call center employee. He proudly wears his uniform which consists of a red polo shirt, a pair of khaki pants, and black sneakers. See, regular! Here’s everything you need to look like Jake From State Farm.

To make it a couple costume, pair up with Flo from Progressive

About Jake from State Farm

Jake from State Farm is played by an actual Jake Stone who really works in a State Farm call center.

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