Roaring 20s Josephine Baker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Josephine Baker Costume

Josephine Baker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 20s style evening gown It’s important that your gown is dripping in beads and jewels. Also since Josephine was a dancer, picking a dress that is a little bit showy and scandalous is the perfect route.
2 Fur cape, white Fur capes were a big deal in the 20s, Josephine herself is pictured in several.
3 Headband, bejeweled and feathered Josephine often adorned her head and her hair with jewels and headbands such as this one. They were also very popular and considered glamourous in the 20s.
4 Earring, long and large The perfect accessories are crucial to making the perfect costume. Josephine loved wearing lots of jewelry and she wore mostly large, statement pieces.
5 Necklace, layered pearls Pearls were a girls jewel of choice back in the 20s. Josephine wore hers in layers upon layers around her neck.
6 Feathered fan This type of fan was popular among Broadway stars in the 20s. It adds a lot of luxury and glamor to the outfit.
7 Heels, black with adornment Black heels match well with the rest of the costume, and the bit of accessory on the heel is perfect for the vibe of this costume.

The roaring 20s were all about glitz and glam. No less goes for the clothing and outfits of the stars back in those days. Josephine Baker, a French dancer, had some of the most beautiful dresses and clothing around. She was known as an amazing singer and dancer featuring on Broadway, and she had the glorious outfits to match. Jewelry and accessories were a big deal in the 20s, as were fur and feathers. For the perfect Josephine Baker costume, you will have to have lots of jewels, fur, feathers, as well as a beautiful and form fitting dress.

Josephine Baker Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Josephine favored bright red lips and very dark eyes. Her hairstyle was also very unique and elegant. This tutorial will help you with your own makeup look for this costume.

About Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was one of the most celebrated Broadway singers and dancers back in the 20s. She was immensely popular in Europe and especially in France were she performed most often. She was one of the first colored people to become a popular world-wide performer and later on movie star.