Big Daddy (Kick-Ass) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Big Daddy’s Costume from Kick-Ass

Cop Big Daddy’s costume with the pieces below:

Big Daddy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-sleeved shirt Wear a black long sleeved top.
2 Black Tactical Vest Top the shirt with a tactical vest.
3 Shoulder Guard Get black shoulder gear or pauldron.
4 Black Gloves Cop a pair of black hand gloves.
5 Black Pants Pair the top with black pants.
6 Black Boots Wear black boots to nail the hero costume.
7 Yellow Belt Loop in a striking yellow belt, too. Use black tape to make bold “BD” letters and stick them on the belt
8 Bat Mask Big Daddy’s mask is similar to Batman so cop a mask to complete his look.

Another superhero-themed costume is the Big Daddy outfit from Kick-Ass. He wears an all-black outfit with a yellow belt for accent.

To cop his look, be sure to wear black long sleeves and pants. Start off the super hero armor with a black tactical vest, a shoulder pauldron or gear, gloves, and boots.

He also wears a mask that covers half his face. To complete the look, wear a yellow belt and decorate with a bold “BD” on the center.

About Big Daddy

Big Daddy is one of the main characters in comic-turned-film Kick-Ass. Big Daddy is introduced in the film as a former cop. He is on a mission to crack down crime ring leader Frank D’Amico and his gang.

In his mission to serve justice and lock down D’Amico, he trained his young daughter, Hit-Girl, to fight in a high level. He is played by veteran actor Nicolas Cage.