Shego Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Shego Costume

Shego Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bodysuit, green & black Shego’s main colors are black and green, so her suit is also black and green. It is a very edgy style suit, but in the cut of most super-hero or villain suits.
2 Leg Holster You’ll need to paint this holster using a neon green fabric paint
3 Wig, black, long Her hair is long, black, and wavy. She leaves her hair down for an edgy effect.
4 Green Arm Sleeves Optional
5 Black Lipstick For the makeup, you’ll need to apply black lipstick
6 Black Eyeshadow Complete the makeup with black eyeshadow

The villainous Shego favors the colors black and green which completely make up her costume. She wears your typical super-villain or super-hero skin tight body suit, but her special edgy twist is on the colors. Her suit can be said to be a black and green version harlequin suit.

All of her accessories, like her gloves and boots follow a mismatched pattern of green and black. Her hair is long and flows freely which helps her uncaring and edgy vibe, and her unique top black shaded lip gives her a makeup look like no other super-villain.

Shego Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Though Shego’s makeup is quite simple, her unique lips are very edgy and cool. You can easily get her look with this makeup tutorial.

About Shego

Shego is Kim Possible’s arch-nemesis and overall an evil henchwoman in the Disney cartoon, Kim Possible. She has green energy that she is able to wield for different purposes, and she is also an amazing spy and martial arts fighter.

Shego’s personality is unambitious and mostly relaxed, though she does have a quick temper. She is voiced by Nicole Sullivan.