Talking Tess Costume from Letterland for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Talking Tess’ Costume from Letterland

Talking Tess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Blouse Start the costume with this top.
2 Yellow Trousers Then, keep the costume bright with yellow pants or trousers.
3 Brown Pumps Slip on a pair of brown shoes.
4 Waist Chain Add a waist chain for a little shine.
5 Hoop Earrings Get a pair of earrings, too.
6 Cardboard Cut sheets of cardboard and glue them together to form the letter “t”.
7 Brown Paint Paint the “t” with brown paint.

Talking Tess’ costume is an eye-catching ensemble to rock this season! Start by wearing bright shades! Get a yellow turtleneck top and a pair of trousers. Add earrings and waist chains, too. Then, be sure to cut a large “t” from a cardboard and wear it at the front of the costume.

About Talking Tess

Talking Tess is a song made by Letterland, a group promoting phonics-based approach to recognizing letters. They have many different characters and Talking Tess is one of them. As seen in her outfit, she teaches the letter “t” in her song.

Talking Tess is a vibrant character with a distinct personality. She wears a yellow dress and hat, and she loves to talk! Talking Tess helps children learn about the letter “t” and its sound. Through interactive activities, games, and stories featuring Tess, children can become familiar with the letter “t” sound.

In the Letterland program, each character represents a different letter of the alphabet. The characters come together to form an entire imaginary world where children can explore and learn about language.

Talking Tess plays an important role in introducing children to the letter “t” sound and words that start with this sound. By interacting with Talking Tess through various learning activities, children can develop their phonics skills and improve their ability to recognize and produce words that contain the “t” sound.

Letterland has been widely used in early childhood education settings to build foundational literacy skills. It provides a multisensory approach to learning by combining visual cues with auditory experiences, encouraging active engagement and making learning enjoyable for young learners.

So if you ever come across Talking Tess or any other characters from Letterland, you can expect an imaginative and interactive experience that aims to support early reading development in a fun way!