Miss Nelson & Viola Swamp Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Miss Nelson Costume

Miss Nelson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Hot Pink Dress Miss Nelson prefers wearing soft, dainty colors like pink.
2 White Leggings Miss Nelson keeps her legs warmer in a pair of white leggings.
3 Wavy, Blonde Hair Look like Miss Nelson with this wavy, blonde wig.
4 Pink Face Paint Create an exaggerated blushed look with pink face paint.
5 Large White Cardstock Paper Create a ‘Missing Teacher’ frame for your Miss Nelson costume.

How to Make Viola Swamp Costume

Viola Swamp Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black T-Shirt Dress Start your mean alter-ego outfit with a simple black t-shirt dress.
2 Neon Green Striped Leggings Add witchy vibes to your look with this pair of neon green striped leggings.
3 Black Flats Stick to the no nonsense aura with a pair of serviceable black flats.
4 Chin & Nose Prosthetics Disguise your identity with chin and nose prosthetics.
5 Pink Face Paint Add an exaggerated blushed look with pink face paint.
6 Miss Nelson Is Missing Book Bring along your favorite book!
7 Short Curly Wig Look a lot like Viola Swamp with this short, curly wig.

Miss Nelson is your favorite teacher. She’s sweet and mild-mannered. But that makes it easy to take her for granted and wreak havoc in her classroom. Enter, Viola Swamp. When Miss Nelson goes missing, Viola Swamp comes in as the mean and rude substitute. She is the opposite of Miss Nelson and never does anything fun.

Even the way their dress are polar opposites. Miss Nelson prefers a soft and dainty look with her pink dress and blonde hair. Viola Swamp likes her black outfit and her black hair messy.

About Miss Nelson and Viola Swamp

Miss Nelson is Missing is a children’s book written by Harry Allard and illustrated by James Marshall. The two also teamed up to create Miss Nelson Has A Field Trip and Miss Nelson is Back.

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