Little Debbie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Little Debbie Costume

Little Debbie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Plaid Pleated Dress A blue checkered dress is what Little Debbie’s been wearing for almost 50 years so better get one for your outfit.
2 White Lacy Half-Body Apron Little Debbie is all about delectable cakes so a white lacy half-body apron will make her look like an adorable baker.
3 Straw Sun Hat Selling cakes can be a tiring thing to do, especially out in the sun so Little Debbie wears a straw hat for protection.
4 Short Curly Red Wig No Little Debbie costume is complete without her signature red curly locks so wear a wig if you need to!
5 Frilly Laced White Socks Match your lacy apron with a pair of frilly laced white socks.
6 Classic Black Mary Janes To add to the nostalgic little girl vibe, wear a classic pair of black Mary Janes.
7 Wicker Basket Well, Little Debbie would need something to put her cakes in so why not a pretty wicker basket?
8 Swiss Rolls Your Little Debbie costume would be extra special if you actually bring along some boxes of their famous cakes.

Little Debbie has been the favorite snack of many people and it has spanned a number of generations already. It doesn’t hurt that its logo features a cute, young girl with amazingly red curls and an adorable blue checkered blouse. Little Debbie’s smile looks as sweet as the Swiss rolls she sells.

If you want to look like Little Debbie, it’s easy! You can complete her getup by just adding a light blue checkered skirt, a lacy white half-body apron, and black Mary Janes. Here’s everything you need to look like Little Debbie.

About Little Debbie

Little Debbie is a brand owned by McKee Foods, and was named after one of the founders’ grandchildren. Debbie McKee Fowler was four when her photo was used as the brand’s logo. She is now the Executive Vice President of a multi-million dollar company that has created beloved snacks that many generations loved and still love.

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