Marvin the Martian Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Marvin the Martian’s Costume from Looney Tunes

Ready to channel your inner Marvin the Martian?

Marvin The Martian Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Marvin the Martian Hoodie Get this Marvin the Martian inspied head piece.
2 Crochet cap You may also get this crochet cap inspired by the character.
3 Full Mask Should you want to cover your whole face, get this piece.
4 Red Shirt Then get this long-sleeved shirt.
5 Red Pants You may also pair the shirt with these pants.
6 Green Cloth Cut a piece of this and wear on the waist.
7 White Gloves Wear this pair of white gloves.
8 White Sneakers Finish the look with white shoes.

Dress up like this cool Looney Tunes character. To make his costume, study the features of his head and get a cap or green helmet with Marvin the Martian elements (hard skull with yellow accent). The costume gets its idea from the Roman soldiers. Then cop red long sleeves shirt and red pants. Nexr, cut a piece of green cloth and wear as a skirt. Complete the look with white gloves and sneakers.

About Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian is a character from the Looney Tunes franchise. His role is primarily that of a villain. He is from the planet Mars. He is has a dog “K-9”. He often tries to destroy earth as he deems it an obstacle for his view of Venus.