El Paraguas' Costume from Loteria for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make El Paraguas’ Costume from Loteria

El Paraguas Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Wearable Blanket Get a blue wearable blanket to represent the blue card background.
2 Yellow Paint Get yellow paint to color the umbrella shaft with.
3 Blue Umbrella Use a blue umbrella for the costume.
4 Fairy Lights You may also add fairy lights to represent the raindrops for the costume.

El Paraguas’ costume can be DIY-ed with a cozy wearable blanket to match the card’s blue background. You may also carry a blue umbrella and paint the shaft yellow. Add fairy lights to the umbrella for a cool finish.

About El Paraguas

El Paraguas is a card from the Mexican game Loteria. Like bingo, loteria is a classic Mexican board game of chance played with a standard deck of playing cards that have both pictures and names of various objects. As the cantor or caller calls out matched images, players mark them off a 4x4 grid on a board. “The Umbrella” is portrayed in Lotería by El Paraguas. The words “For the sun and the rain” are also inscribed there.