Louis Armstrong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How To Make a Louis Armstrong Costume

Louis Armstrong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Vintage style suit The vintage suit should be in the zoot suit style, it is the base of this costume.
2 Shirt, button-up, white The shirt goes under the suit. Louis wore suits and white shirts very often, especially when he performed.
3 Oxfords, two-tone These kinds of shoes were very worn in the mid-1900s when Louis was at the peak of his career.
4 Full trumpet kit As Louis Armstrong was a jazz trumpet player, a trumpet with the addition of a care kit is an important part to this costume.
5 Handkerchief, white Louis often wore a white handkerchief stuffed neatly into the breast pocket of his suit as was the style back in those days.
6 Red bowtie A red bowtie is one of the statement accessory items that Louis often wore. It definitely adds some color and a fun vibe to the outfit.
7 Watch, gold Louis wore watches most of the time and he wore gold watches very often.

The costume of a jazz player in the mid-1900s is for sure a cool costume to choose. Louis Armstrong is one such trumpet player that was popular in the jazz era. He wore many fancy and unique suits, and also had the trait of wearing a special red bowtie that stood out from his solid colored suits.

Louis’s fashion taste was very sleek, despite him being a big guy, and his trumpet played a big part in his look as he was always pictured with it. All you will need to put your own Louis Armstrong costume together is a vintage style zoot suit, a red bowtie, a gold watch, a trumpet kit, black and white oxford shoes, and of course his legendary large smile.

About Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was not only a trumpet player, but he was also a great singer, composer, and he occasionally acted in a few movies during his life time. He is known as one of the most influential people in early and modern jazz music. His voice is one of the most recognizable things about him as is was a very gravelly, throaty, and deep voice. Many people today still enjoy and listen to his music.