Mayor Pauline Costume from Super Mario for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mayor Pauline’s Costume from Super Mario

Mayor Pauline Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Tank Top First off, wear this red top.
2 Pantsuit Wear this red pantsuit for the cool mayor look.
3 Heels Wear her signature pair of heels.
4 Brooch Add this brooch to the blazer.
5 Bangles Match the brooch with bangles in gold.
6 Teardrop Earrings For another golden touch, wear this pair of earrings.
7 Red Lipstick Get your choice of red make-up.
8 Purple Makeup Use this palette for the eyeshadow.
9 Wig Get a brunette wig, too.
10 Hat Top off the whole look with a purple hat.

Mayor Pauline wears a red pantsuit with gold accessories like a bangle, earrings, and a brooch. She also has her signature high heels and a face with pretty makeup. You can nail her costume by wearing a purple hat.

About Mayor Pauline

Mayor Pauline is character from the game Super Mario Odyssey. She is one of the original damsels-in-distress, whom Mario must save from the original Donkey Kong. Upon the game’s distribution in North America, she was given the name Pauline in honor of Polly James, the wife of Nintendo of America warehouse manager Don James. In the game, Pauline also appears as a singer for the band The Super Mario Players.