Princess Daisy (Super Mario) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Princess Daisy Costume

Princess Daisy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange Tulle Skirt Begin by putting on this orange tulle skirt as an undergarment to your dress.
2 Yellow Dress Wear this yellow dress over your tulle, making sure that the orange of your skirt shows at the hem.
3 Orange Satin Fabric Use this orange satin fabric to create your waist detail.
4 Brown Wig Don this brown princess wig to bring out the Daisy look.
5 Crown and Gems Set Pick up these Princess Daisy crown and gems set to put in place of your brooch, earrings, and crown.
6 White Ruffle Gloves Complete your costume with these elegantly designed white ruffle gloves, fit for a sweet and energetic princess.
7 Full Costume Set For the easy route, get this full costume set instead.

Princess Daisy is a damsel-in-distress character from the Mario franchise. She is the princess of Sarasaland, the closest friend of Princess Peach, and the rumored love interest of Luigi. Daisy is sweet, beautiful, energetic, athletic, and participates in various sporting events.

Daisy is a young princess with medium-length brown-orange hair that goes down to her shoulder and points upward. She wears a mixed yellow-orange princess dress, daisy brooch and earrings, a princess crown, white gloves, and red high heels.

About Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy was voiced by Deanna Mustard the most, in multiple Mario series games since 2003. Mustard is also known for her roles in My Good Man’s Gone, Louie, and Transparent.

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