Otis (Martin) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Otis’ Costume from Martin

Otis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fat Suit Recreate Otis’ belly with this fait belly.
2 Khaki Shirt Then wear this khaki shirt on top.
3 Epaulet For your next item, you can add this on each shoulder top.
4 Tassel And then add a bit of tassel to complete the military dress-inspired outfit.
5 Brown Pants You can wear dark brown pants to match your top.
6 Belt Then style the pants with a black belt.
7 Gun Holster Match the belt with this gun holster.
8 White Socks Get a pair of white socks.
9 Black Shoes Then wear black shoes to add a formal touch.
10 Army Hat Then top it all off with an army hat.
11 Eye Glasses Add this pair of glasses to nail the costume.

Otis’ costume is a vintage police-inspired look. Start off with a fat suit for the belly and wear it under a khaki shirt. Style the shirt with an epaulet and tassels on each side. Then wear brown pants with a black belt and matching gun holster with a toy gun, too. Complete the costume with a pair of black shoes, thick-rimmed glasses, and your very own army cap.

About Otis

Otis is a character from the TV show Martin. He is the lover of Miss Jerry and a police man. He is described as strict, abrasive, and potbellied. He is also always seen in his scenes in uniform. In order to do his job, he usually does melodramatic acts in keeping order, no matter if there is trouble or not.