Jerome (Martin) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Jerome’s Costume from Martin

Jerome Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Navy Shirt Start the costume with this shirt.
2 Navy Shorts Match your top with this pair of shorts.
3 White Bandana Cut pieces of these bandana and add to the top and shorts, too.
4 Red Shirt Wear a red shirt under the button-down.
5 Red Socks Then, wear a pair of red socks to match the red shirt.
6 Black Shoes Step on your choice of black shoes.
7 Gold Chain Add a bit of bling with this necklace.
8 Gold Bracelet Wear a gold chain for your wrist, too.
9 Afro Wig Keep the look true to the original with this wig.
10 Fake Facial Hair For the finishing touch, you can make sure to add fake facial hair, too.

You can wear this cool costume inspired by Jerome by wearing a navy-colored button down shirt and matching shorts. You can add white details by cutting pieces of cloth and stitching or sticking them on the shirt and short linings. Then put add a bit more color by wearing red socks with your black shoes, too. For the extra shine, wear gold chains on the neck and wrist. Complete the costume with an afro wig and fake mustache and beard.

About Jerome

Jerome) is a character from the American sitcom Martin. He is seen as a singer but also a criminal in the sitcom. Jerome is described as loud-mouthed. He is a bit loaded with money as he used to be a pimp and ran a casino. In the show, he is also known to speak in rhyming sentences.