Valkyrie (Thor) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Valkyrie Costume

Valkyrie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Leather Vest Being a bounty hunter is a tough job so a black leather vest can protect Valkyrie well.
2 Black Jeans Valkyrie needs to move a lot because of her job so a comfy pair of black jeans is a must.
3 Black Boots Match your footwear with the rest of your outfit by wearing a pair of black knee-high boots.
4 Long Black Fingerless Gloves Valkyrie’s long black fingerless gloves is a great accessory that adds to her tough style.
5 Blue Cape Cut out this blue fabric to make Valkyrie’s cape.
6 Sword & Dagger No Valkyrie costume is complete without her sword so make sure to have it with you.
7 White Face Paint Valkyrie has on some cool war paint that’s colored white.
8 Full Costume Set No need to DIY if you’re willing to buy this full costume set.

Like many other heroes, Valkyrie has had a rough start in life. She ascended into becoming one of the best warriors of Asgaard; even joining the kingdom’s elite group of warriors. But her life was filled with grief, sorrow, and loss. Admittedly, she didn’t cope well and became a cynical bounty hunter and drunk. However, the good inside her ultimately won and she once more became the warrior she was meant to be.

Valkyrie has different outfits. One of her most famous attires is her Valkyrie armor. But for this article, let’s feature her awesome garb from when she was in Sakaar. She wears an all-black ensemble with a blue cape and white facial paint. She also brings along her sword wherever she goes. Here’s everything you need to look like Valkyrie.

Valkyrie, whose real name is Brunnhilde, is an Asgardian warrior previously part of an elite group known as the same name as her alias. She is selfless, brave, loyal, noble, and dedicated to her people. Despite the tragedy she has experienced in the past that initially changed her personality, Valkyrie’s true nature overcame her hardships. Like the warrior that she is, Valkyrie helped save and lead the Asgardians which consequently earned her the title, King of New Asgard.

Valkyrie is a highly skilled combatant and a dedicated leader. She wears a black leather vest, black leather pants, a blue cape, black knee-high boots, and a pair of long black gloves. She is also known for having a Valkyrie sword and dagger.

About Valkyrie

Valkyrie is played by the beautiful Tessa Thompson in the film Thor: Ragnarok. Thompson is also known for her roles in Creed, Dear White People, and Men in Black: International.

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