Shuri's Costume from Black Panther for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Shuri’s Costume from Black Panther

Shuri Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Turtleneck Start the costume with a purple sleeveless turtleneck.
2 Blue Leggings Then, wear a pair of blue leggings,too.
3 Yellow Wrap Get a piece of yellow cloth and wrap it around your waist.
4 Blue Patch Cut patches of self-adhesive blue cloth to add accents to the top and leggings.
5 Gold Ribbon Add gold lining to your costume.
6 Black Boots Get a pair of combat boots.
7 Arm Guard Keep the warrior look strong with arm guards.
8 Blue Bangle Get a pair of blue bangles that fit your biceps.
9 Coil Bangle You can also wear coil bangles.
10 White Makeup Pencil Get a white makeup pencil to draw the eyeliner and details on Shuri’s face.
11 Full Costume You can also choose this full costume set.

You can rock Shuri’s outfit by wearing a sleeveless purple top and blue leggings styled with patches of blue cloth and gold ribbon strips. Then, you can wear a pair of arm guards and combat boots to complete Shuri’s warrior-princess fit. Add shine to the costume by wearing bangles on the biceps, too.

About Shuri

Shuri is a character from the comic and film franchise of Black Panther. She appeared in the 2018 film as the sister of T’Challa, then Black Panther. Shuri can be considered a princess as her parents were monarchs of Wakanda. She is also known as a technology leader in her country and through her guidance, they were able to remove the Mind Stone from Vision.