Yondu (Guardians of the Galaxy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Yondu Costume

Yondu Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Leather Vest Wear this leather vest as the main top layer of Yondu’s outfit.
2 Brown Cargo Pants Yondu’s pants has pockets to help him bring along everything he needs during heists.
3 Brown Knee-High Boots A sturdy pair of boots is needed when you have to fight in inter-galactic skirmishes.
4 Black Harness Yondu has lots of harnesses on his outfit.
5 Brown Trench Coat Yondu’s brown trench coat is iconic.
6 Mask and Makeup Set For easy costume making, use this set to look like Yondu.
7 Arrow This arrow is a good alternative for Yondu’s killer arrow.
8 Kids Costume Set Turn your kid into the leader of space thieves with this costume set.

Yondu is the leader of the Ravagers, a notorious group of thieves who doesn’t have an actual moral code. He can be ruthless and stoic. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if you give him the chance. But all that comes to an end when faced with his adopted son, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. He has a soft spot for the man and will do anything to keep him safe (something that has caused him his credibility with his people).

Yondu likes to wear an intimidating get-up since he is the fearless leader of bandits. He has one dark cargo pants, dark boots, dark leather vest, and an awesome-looking brown trench coat. Here’s everything you need to know to look like Yondu.

About Yondu

Yondu was portrayed by Michael Rooker.

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