Captain Obvious ( Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Captain Obvious’s Costume from

Here’s where you can get pieces to dress up like Captain Obvious:

Captain Obvious Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Dress Coat Wear a red blazer.
2 Gold Rope Cut a piece of gold rope and sling on the shoulder and near the cuffs.
3 Fake medals Adorn coat with fake medals
4 Marine hat Wear a black marine hat.
5 Black Trousers Wear a pair of black pants with the red coat. Switch to black shorts as an option.
6 Yellow Tape Line the sides of the trousers with yellow tape.
7 Full Beard Make sure to get Captain Obvious’ signature grey beard, too!
8 Black Loafers Finish the look with a polished pair of black loafers.
9 Costume Set Cop this packaged set that has a red coat, 3 medals, and a marine captain hat.

Captain Obvious carries in a funny, oblivious manner. And he delivers his well-timed comedy in a red coat with gold trims and various medals, a black yacht captain hat, and dark trousers with a yellow stripe. He also wears a pair of black shoes. To fully dress like him, wear a fake full greyish beard and your best Captain Obvious jokes and puns for good measure.

About Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious is a character first introduced in a series of advertisements from “”. Captain Obvious debuted in 2014 where he is played by Brandon Moynihan. He is aptly named so because he is keen on stating things which are readily apparent.

Captain Obvious wears a full captain gear, making him stand out in his advertisements. His character is seen as both obvious, oblivious, as well as master in delivering great lines. He does a great job picking on self-evident facts which put in the spotlight as the “obvious” choice when doing your bookings.