Captain Morgan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Captain Morgan’s Costume

Serve a great costume party look with this Captain Morgan costume! Here is how to pull together his look:

Captain Morgan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Steampunk Jacket Start off the look with a red steampunk jacket a-la pirate captain.
2 Thick Sash Get a thick brown sash or ribbon and wear as belt.
3 Red Tricorn Hat Top the look with a red tricorn hat.
4 Blue Cape Cop a blue cape for a nice contrast to the coat.
5 Blue Pants Match your coat with a blue or navy-colored pair of capri shorts or pants.
6 Brown Boots Look for plain brown boots to add an on-deck appeal to this Captain Morgan look.
7 Black Mid-length wig Cop Captain Morgan’s signature locks with a mid-length wig.
8 Fake Facial Hair Get fake mustache and goatee to complete the look.
9 Novelty Pirate Sword A lightweight pirate sword will nail the Captain Morgan costume.
10 Barrel Carry a fake barrel to make a statement entrance to the party! Step one leg over it during photo ops!
11 Full Costume For a packaged set, cop this Captain Morgan costume set that includes a coat, inner shirt, a belt, and tricorne hat.

Best loved for his fine rum, Captain Morgan is a favorite among rum drinkers and the pirate-dressing costume community alike. Unlike rugged pirate looks, Captain Morgan’s costume showcases pomp and grandeur, lending confidence to anyone who wishes to step into his shoes.

To dress like him, wear a red coat with gold trims and cuffs. Then cop a thick brown belt for the waist. Wear a royal blue cape and matching pants, too. Then finish with brown boots and a tricorne hat.

He also carries a sword so be sure to get a fake one along with a wig, faux beard and goatee. If you are able to find a light barrel, it will certainly score you style points!

Cocktails are known because of their heavenly mixes between different ingredients and alcohol. Safe to say, cocktails are made because of explosively delicious couples.

And who doesn’t want to be a couple that’s both explosive and delicious, right? You and your partner can be Captain Morgan Rum and Coca-Cola with just a few costume pieces. Here’s everything you need to look like Captain and Coke.

How to Make Coke Costume

Captain And Coke Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Coca-Cola Shirt Stay on-brand with this Coca-Cola shirt.
2 Red Tutu Look pretty girly with a red tutu.
3 White Tights Keep your legs warm with a pair of white tights.
4 Red Heels Stay on theme with a pair of red heels.
5 Coca-Cola Dress Make everything easier and just wear a Coca-Cola dress.

About Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is a rum brand that originated from Jamaica. The Captain Morgan rum batch was first created in 1944.

On its label is the Captain Morgan character depicting a seemingly confident pirate royalty in posh red garb. He can be seen holding a sword and stepping on a barrel.

The name Captain Morgan was inspired from a real-life Welsh Privateer named Henry Morgan. He led many successful raids under the English crown and was later appointed as the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica.

Captain and Coke is a cocktail made with Captain Morgan Original Spiced and Coca Cola. Make sure you drink it with lots of ice.

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