Hamburglar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Hamburglar Costume

Hamburglar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black and White Striped Top and Pants Set Hamburglar looks really criminal wearing a matching pair of black and white stripes.
2 Black Cape Hamburglar feels like a super villain wearing his black cape.
3 Red Hamburger Tie You know what Hamburglar loves the most since he’s wearing a burger-themed red tie.
4 Black Spanish Hat Accessorize like Hamburglar with this black Spanish hat.
5 Black Mask Hamburglar keeps his real identity secret with this black mask.
6 White Rubber Shoes with Red Details Comfy shoes are needed if you want to make a quick escape, that’s why Hamburglar wears white rubber shoes.
7 Red Gloves Hamburglar leaves very little prints because of his red gloves.
8 Full Costume Set If you don’t have time to DIY your costume, you can always get this set.

Who’s the real menace in McDonaldland? Yes, that’s right! It’s Hamburglar, the wacky attempted-hoarder of all the hamburgers in McDonaldland. Despite being considered a villain in McDonaldland, Hamburglar is one of the most beloved characters that MacDonald’s has ever produced.

Hamburglar is more popularly known for his child-like look.

He wears a matching black and white-striped top and bottoms, a black cape, a black Spanish hat, a red burger tie, and red gloves. Here’s everything you need to look like Hamburglar.

About Hamburglar

Hamburglar was voiced by Howard Morris from 1971 to 1989.

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