Hooters Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Hooters Girl’s Costume

Hooters Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Tank Top with Hooters Logo Get a Hooters logo printed tank top to wear.
2 Orange Shorts Pair you tank top with a pair of skinny orange shorts.
3 Sheer Nude Stockings Wear a pair of sheer nude stocking to make your legs smooth.
4 White Sneakers Finish the outfit with white sneakers.
5 Waitress Tray Get a classic round waitress tray to carry.
6 Small Waitress Apron/Pouch Wear the apron over you shorts. Make sure they don’t fully cover your shorts.
7 Fake Beer Mug Put a beer mug prop on your tray.
8 Fake Cooked Chicken Wings Go extra, will ya?! Get cooked chicken wings prop and an orange basket, and put them on your tray beside a beer mug prop.

As years go by, the Hooters girl’s costume has been slightly changing since 1983. However, the main concept still remained. Nowadays, these girls have a tight tank top with the Hooters logo on it, skinny bright orange shorts, and white sneakers. They often have long seductive hair and makeup.

Sounds fun? See our item list above to gather what you need to put this look together!

About Hooters Girl

Hooters is an American born restaurant chains founded in 1983 in Florida by a group of men who loved food, drink, and beautiful girls; led by a man named Lynn D. Stewart and his friends.

To them, what makes cold beer and hot wings taste even better is a bunch of good-looking waitresses who serve them. So they came up with this gimmick where they specifically choose beautiful and sexy ladies as their staff. Today, the restaurant grows the branches around the world with the same gimmick and delicious recipes.