Wild West Saloon Girl/Madame costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Wild West Saloon Girl’s Costume

Saloon Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Corset Wear a black and pink corset.
2 Steam Punk Skirt Match the corset with a black steam punk styled skirt.
3 Net Stockings Get black net stockings to wear
4 Finger-less Lace Gloves Look for a pair of finger-less lace gloves in black color to wear.
5 Lace Choker and Earrings Set Put on a black choker and matching earrings.
6 Feather Hair Clip Decorate your hair with a feather clip.
7 High Heels Pair the outfit with pink high heels.
8 Colorful Fan Carry a pink fan as a prop.
9 Saloon Girl Full Costume Don’t you have time to assemble these items? Get this full costume now.

This outfit reflects both the American west style and playful sexiness. Saloon girls wear a pink corset, a steam punk styled skirt, black net stockings, finger-less lace gloves, a choker necklace and earrings, a feather hair clip, and high heels. As for the prop, carry a colorful fan with you. Do you want to create this look? Checkout our item list down below!

About Saloon Girl

Saloon girls are basically a modern world’s bar girls of the old wild west. Back then in the wild west of America there was a place called saloon, which functions as a bar for men. In here, there are young ladies called saloon girls who work as waitress, singer, dancer, and most of time prostitute to joy to their male guests. Often these women are looked as bad or immoral woman because of their profession.