Big Boss Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Big Boss (Metal Gear) Costume

Big Boss Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long Sleeved Military Styled Shirt Get a long-sleeved tactical shirt in army green color.
2 Tactical Pants Pair up the shirt with tactical pants in the same or similar color.
3 Full Arm Guards Wear a full arm guard on both arms.
4 Finger-less Military Gloves Put on a pair of finger-less military gloves in black color.
5 Military Suspenders Get a military suspenders in black color.
6 Utility Belt Add a black utility belt to the look.
7 Military Boots Get a pair of nice military combats in black color.
8 Black Eye Patch Wear a black eye patch on the right side of your eyes.
9 Black Head Scarf Wrap a black head scarf around your head.
10 Rifle Prop Add a rifle prop to convey your career.

Big Boss’ outfit is undeniably reflecting his military nature. He wears a green military shirt and pants, upper and lower arm guards, suspenders, a utility belt, an eye patch, a black head scarf, and military boots. He is also often seen with a big gun. If you want to dress like him, check out our item list down below!

About Big Boss

Big Boss is a central character in an action-adventure stealth video game series called Metal Gear. The game allows the player to often takes control of a special forces operative (usually either Solid Snake or Big Boss), who is assigned to find the super-weapon “Metal Gear”, a bipedal walking tank with the ability to launch nuclear weapons.

Big Boss, real name John, was a well-known special forces operative and mercenary commander. He founded U.S. Army Special Forces Unit named ‘FOXHOUND,’ along with the mercenary company called ‘Militaires Sans Frontières.’ Also, he was one of the founding members of the Patriots. He was feared in combat by both friend and foe as a hero and a madman.