Russell Wilson (Minecraft) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Russell Wilson (Minecraft) Costume

Russell Wilson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Navy T-Shirt Start off with a plain navy shirt.
2 Denim Jeans Wear a pair of dark denim pants to match your dark top.
3 Highlighter Green Sneakers Definitely sport a pair of highlighter green sneakers just like Russell Wilson.
4 Cardboard Boxes Use cardboard boxes to make yourself look more like a Minecraft character.
5 Construction Paper Use different colored construction paper to create the pixelated look of Russell Wilson’s helmet, jersey, and arm bands.

Russell Wilson is an American football player and quarterback playing in the NFL. He started playing back in 2012. Besides being an amazing athlete, Wilson has proven to be a favorite among fans as you can even wear his likeness as a skin in the popular video game, Minecraft.

Russell Wilson in Minecraft is a pixelated, boxy version of himself wearing his football uniform. To look like Russell Wilson in Minecraft, you will need a dark blue shirt, dark denim pants, highlighter green sneakers, and lots of cardboard and construction paper.

About Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, prior to his successful football career, was drafted and played as a professional baseball player. He is part owner of the Seattle Sounders FC, the local Major League Soccer club. Wilson was also mentioned in rapper Eminem’s 2013 song “The Monster”.

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