Aztec Warrior & Princess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Aztec Warrior & Princess’s Costume

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Make Aztec warrior Costume

Aztec Warrior Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange Shorts Get plain orange shorts to wear, make sure your thighs show.
2 Red Scarf Tie a scarf around your waist, covering the shorts’ waist line.
3 Aztec Scarf Fold and tuck a scarf under your red belt and secure it in place with safety pins.
4 White Fur Boot Cuff Put on boot cuffs over the knees.
5 Boot Cuff Put boot cuffs with the native American style on lower legs.
6 Feather Aztec Headdress Match the outfit with a brown feather headdress. We also find the alternative for you with a lower price here.
7 Black Stone Necklace Put on a black stone necklace.
8 Armbands Use hot glue to attach feathers to your armbands and wear them over your upper arms.
9 White Wristbands Also, put on white wristbands.
10 Black Sandals Finish the look with black flib flops.

Colorful and exotic are often used to describe something old beyond imagination, and so these outfits.

An Aztec warrior wears orange shorts, a red belt and Aztec fabric, boot cuffs, an Aztec headdress, armbands, a necklace, and flip-flops.

A princess wears a red blouse and blue skirt, a corset, a headdress, a necklace armbands, a cape, and high heels.

How to make Aztec princess Costume

Aztec Princess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Blouse Get plain red blouse to wear.
2 Gold Under-bust Corset Put on a golden corset over your blouse.
3 Blue Skirt Match a blue skirt with a red top.
4 Aztec Scarf Tuck a scarf under the corset in the front and secure it with safety pins.
5 Golden High Heels Put on a golden high heels.
6 Red Feather Headdress Put on a red feather headdress.
7 Aztec Headband Put on an Aztec styled headband on top of the crown.
8 Aztec Earrings Wear a pair of Aztec styled earrings.
9 Golden Necklace Put on a golden necklace.
10 Golden Armbands Look for golden armbands.
11 Golden Cape Finish the look with golden cape.
12 Bangles You can further accessorize your look with these Aztec style bangles

About Aztec Warrior & Princess

Aztec was ancient empire which took a large part of what’s now the country of Mexico - a part of the America continent. Like numerous empires that came before and after them, the Aztec had its defenders (warriors) to fight off enemies. And they, of course, must took the command from the ruler class led by an emperor. They couldn’t really be one without another. Also, the house of rulers, there were often princesses of high blood that were looked up too as noble ladies. Some of these girls were married to princes from other ruler clans, many to the brave warriors as a gift for the dedication to protect the empire.