The Biker Chick Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Biker Chick’s Costume

If you think this look is cool enough for your costume party, see the needed items to put the look together down below.

Biker Chick Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Tank Top with Metal Print Get a black tank top with cool prints.
2 Leather Jacket Top the tank top with a black leather jacket, preferably with studs.
3 Leather Pants Pair up your top with a pair of black leather pants.
4 Leather Belt Find a leather belt to fasten your pants.
5 Leather Boots Look for black leather boots to match your outfit.
6 Red Bandana Scarf Wrap a bandana scarf around your forehead as a headscarf.
7 Skull Necklace Get a skull necklace to wear.
8 Heavy Rings Wear big rings on your finger!
9 Black Nail Polish Paint your nail in black color.
10 Fake Tattoos Put fake tattoos on your arms, hands, or collar bones.
11 Studded Finger-less Gloves This is optional. Wear finger-less gloves with studs.
12 Leather Choker with Studs This is also optional for those who want to go extra mile. Get this studded leather choker to wear.

Bikers’ dress code seem to be relating to black color and leather wear. For our look, the biker chick wears a black tank top with heavy metal prints topped with a black leather jacket, black leather pants, a big leather belt, black biker boots, and a red bandana scarf. Plus, many accessories such as necklace and finger rings, as well as fake tattoo.

About Biker Chick

There are many types of women in this world; while one is sweet, the other could be a sexy motorbike rider. These girls love their independence and speed ride, they often gather together and go on a long route with their big bike.

But there’s also the other type of biker chick who don’t ride a bike, but are mere a passenger. They will be sitting behind a biker, in a passenger seat, and wrapping their arms around the guy. Either way, these ladies are not traditional by all mean because they refuse to stay at home and behave themselves as the society expect them to be.

Image Credit: Pinterest