Bubble Gum Machine Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bubble Gum Machine’s Costume

For an extra sweet and excting costume, cop the Bubble Gum machine costume. It is a costume ensemble which consists of a white top designed with multicolored pompoms on the belly part that symbolizes the rounded shape of the candy storage. Then pair the top with a red skirt and add volume with a red petticoat. Style the skirt with silver foil accentuated with a slot machine drawing at the front using sticker paper and black marker.

Like a Bubble Gum Machine, you can dispense coolness with the Bubble Gum machine costume whose pieces can be found below:

Bubblegum Machine Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Top Start the costume with a white top.
2 Assorted pompoms Attach colorful pompoms to the shirt as the main candies in the costume.
3 Red Skirt Pair the bubble gum bits with a red skirt.
4 Red Petticoat To add more volume, you can wear a petticoat.
5 Sticker Paper Cut a circular shape on a sticker paper.
6 Marker Draw a $5 sign and a slot machine slit on the sticker paper.
7 Silver Foil Decorate the skirt with a silver foil to act as the slot machine background.
8 Red Beret Complete the look with a red beret.

About Bubble Gum Machine

The Chewing Gum is a type of candy made from gum base with flavored sweetener. Meanwhile, the Gum Ball is type of chewing gum that comes in a round shape and different colors and flavors.

Gum Balls are often seen in a Gum Ball Machine which is a vending-type machine that accepts coins in order to dispense the gum balls inside. The first versions of the gum ball machine were patented in 1923 by the Norris Manufacturing Company. Modern machines usually has a clear sphere that contains the gum sitting atop a metal box that accepts coins.