Head in a Jar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Head in a Jar Costume

Head In A Jar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Pants Wear a simple pair of black pants to start of your outfit.
2 Hiking Backpack A hiking backpack is lightweight and more structured, perfect for your costume.
3 Stuffing Use stuffing to make your jacket look filled out. If you want to save up on money, you can also substitute the stuffing with plastic bags around the house.
4 Trench Coat Wear an oversized trench coat.
5 Black Gloves Use stuffing to make your black gloves look filled out as well.
6 Plastic Barrel Use a plastic barrel for your head gear. Make sure to leave holes so you can breath.
7 Cotton Balls Cotton balls are great accessories for your costume. They can also act as a pillow for your head.

One easy to way to freak out everyone you meet? Walk with your head in your hands! You read that right. You can keep your head safe in a jar while you walk around town asking for candies. Be ready to make babies cry out in fear and little boys crowd you in awe.

The Head in a Jar costume is an easy illusion to pull off with the right tools. Aside from the trench coat and the jar, you will need a backpack, stuffing, and a whole lot of creativity. Here’s everything you will need to successfully pull of the Head in a Jar costume.

About Head in a Jar

The Head in a Jar costume is an illusion costume, meaning it is an outfit that fools the eyes by providing the illusion of the impossible. There are many kinds of illusion costumes. In this case, it shows a seemingly headless body walking around with a severed head.

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