Porta Potty Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Porta Potty Costume

Porta Potty Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Casual Short Sleeved T-Shirt Put some extra flashiness to your lowly costume by choosing this bold short-sleeved casual T-shirt.
2 White Plastic Bathroom Wastebasket Pick this white plastic bathroom wastebasket as your toilet bowl.
3 Nude Knee High Socks Fill these nude-colored knee high socks to transform it into your fake legs.
4 Fiber Filling Use this fiber filling to stuff inside your nude socks.
5 Cheap Kid Sneakers Get these cheap small sneakers and make it your fake feet by putting on your fake legs.
6 Cheap Kid Pants Bunch this pair of small cheap pants around your lower fake legs.
7 Large Cardboard Sheets Use these large cardboard sheets to construct your wearable portalet, starting from your lower thigh, and harnessing to your back to allow carrying without always using your hands.
8 Acrylic Paint Set Design your portalet accordingly using these acrylic paints.
9 Toilet Sign Stickers Make use of these toilet sign stickers to announce your costume to everybody.

Porta Potty is an endearing name used for a portable or mobile toilet; that is any toilet that can be moved around relatively easy either by an individual, a couple of people, or by some sort of mechanical equipment. “Porta” is a shortened way of saying portable, and “Potty” is a cutesy word used by many parents in the USA for a toilet.

Porta Potty is very practical in certain situations, places, or events. To look like someone using a porta potty, you will need to wear a casual short-sleeved T-shirt, nude-colored knee-high socks with fiber filling, small cheap sneakers, small cheap pants, large painted cardboard sheets, toilet sign stickers, and a large white plastic bathroom wastebasket.

About Porta Potty

The porta potty had appeared notably several times throughout history, including the opulent designs used by royalty that were now displayed in various museums, the ones used in World War II bomber aircrafts, and the ones used by black travelers before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as they were usually refused service in restaurants and gas stations.

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