Camo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Camo’s Costume

Another costume favorite is the camouflage. The camo costume features an olive shirt or choose a camo-printed top, too. Pair it with camouflage printed pants and hat. Wear combat boots and dog tags. Style the costume with a sash of fake bullets or toy gun.

Rock the camo prints with the pieces below:

Camo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Olive Top Wear an olive-colored top.
2 Camo Pants Pair the top with camo print pants.
3 Camo Cap Wear a camo-printed cap.
4 Combat Boots Lace up a pair of black combat boots.
5 Army Tag Wear an army tag.
6 Ammunition Sash Wear a sash of fake bullets.
7 Black Make Up Use black make up to recreate the battle paints of the soldiers.
8 cosutme for women full set for women

About Camo

The Military Camouflage is the print used by military personnel to be able to conceal and blend well with nature. It employs green (and other drab colors) in the main combination of the colors.

Wearing the camo is a form of military deception and is mostly used by soldiers on the field. Aside from clothing, the camo print is also applied on artillery, vehicles, ships, and more in order to be able to move, conceal, or fire in the battle field.