Lion Tamer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lion Tamer’s Costume

The lion tamer costume consits of a red vest with epaulets on the shoulders. Under the vest, be sure to wear a white tube top or tank top. Then add a red sash on the waist and decorate it with little gold chains. Match the top with high-waisted shorts then wear thigh-high boots. Complete the costume with a top hat and carry a whip.

Time to tame the proverbial lion and rock your next costume party with the pieces below.

Lion Tamer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Vest Start with a long red vest.
2 Gold Epaulets Decorate the shoulders with these epaulets.
3 White Tube Top Wear a white tube top.
4 Red Sash Style the top with a red sash on the waist.
5 Gold Chain Attach short gold chains on the sash.
6 High Waist Shorts Pair the top with high-waist shorts.
7 Boots Wear these boots.
8 Top Hat Add a top hat.
9 Whip Carry a whip to nail the costume.
10 Costume Set For those looking for a full set, get this Lion Tamer costume instead.

About Lion Tamer

A Lion Tamer is one who trains lions often for entertainment purposes. In the circus, lion tamers get their segment where they command the lion to perform tricks. The lion tamers can also be called to train other wild cats such as leopards, tigers, and the like.