Candy Fairy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Candy Fairy’s Costume

You will be the star of the next party with this Candy Fairy costume!

Candy Fairy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Colorful Corset Start with this corset as the focal point of the costume.
2 Colorful Skirt Then wear this cute skirt, too.
3 Rainbow Socks For your socks, you can get this striped rainbow one.
4 Pink Pumps Wear the socks with this pair of shoes.
5 Fingerless Gloves Then get the blue version of these gloves.
6 Fairy Wings Keep the ethereal look with these classy fairy wings.
7 Pink Wig Make the look sweet with this pink wig.
8 Lollipop Carry toy lollipop to complete the costume.

A colorful fairy costume is always a scene-stealer in any costume party. Keep it sweet with a candy-inspired costume to go with your outfit. Cop a corset in the color of rainbows and candies and pair it with a similar-colored skirt. Then cop a rainbow-striped pair of long socks with pink shoes. Wear blue fingerless gloves, too! Then get fairy wings and match it with a pink wig! Complete the costume with a round lollipop!

About Candy Fairy

The Candy Fairy is a modern iteration of the concept of a Fairy. Fairies are mythical or legendary creatures that originated from European folklore. They can be described in form of spirits or supernatural beings with beautiful appearances. Their human appearance comes with magnificent beauty, powers, and sometimes trickery.