Contortionist Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Contortionist’s Costume

Contortionist Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Big Card Board Cut a big circle on a board, it can be a meter in diameter and cut the center part that can fit your waist.
2 Red Cloth Once the board is cut, use it as makeshift “table” and add table cloth with yards of red cloth.
3 Velcro Then, velcro can be used to make sure the “table” and the “leg” are secured on top and can suspend the table on the waist.
4 Filler Use this filler for the fake leg.
5 Tights Stuff this pair of tights with the filler to make it look like a folded leg.
6 Pantyhose Once the tights are filled wear this pantyhose over it.
7 Crop Top For the final touch, you can wear this cropped top over the “table”, too.

This contortionist costume is mostly DIY. First, secure a “table” that you can wear as a skirt by making a sturdy one out of boards or foam. Then drape a red cloth over it. For the folded leg, you can stuff full-leg tights with fillers then attach it on the table to complete your contortionist look.

About Contortionist

A Contortionist is a performance artist that showcases physical flexibility to the extremes. They can typically be seen in acrobatics, circus acts, and street performances. It is believed that the primary origin of the act is from Asia.