Blessing in Disguise Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Blessing in Disguise Costume

Blessing In Disguise Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blessing T-shirt Start your outfit by picking this T-shirt with a giant nametag declaring your name as “Blessing”.
2 Classic Disguise Mask Choose this classic disguise mask to obviously convey that you are hiding your true face.
3 Baseball Cap Don this unmarked baseball cap to conceal your hairstyle.
4 Blue Jeans Go for this unassuming blue jeans to divert attention from your identity.
5 Sneakers Complete your subdued get up by wearing this pair of regular white sneakers.

Blessing in Disguise is a common idiom or phrase used to refer to something that is thought to be unfortunate or bad at first, but turns out to be good and favorable in the end. For instance, the inability to purchase the new and expensive superhero attire in the department store may have led to the decision to DIY this creative punny costume, which your love interest or friends may actually like better.

Blessing in Disguise is not easily recognizable at the beginning. You will need to wear a T-shirt with the name “Blessing”, a classic disguise mask, a baseball cap, jeans, and sneakers.

About Blessing in Disguise

The idiom and phrase “Blessing in Disguise” was first used in 1746 by an English clergyman and writer, James Hervey, when he used it in a hymn in his published work ‘Reflections on a Flower-garden’.

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